Glass Beads Dark Aqua Graphite

by Scott Chitwood • Monday November 13th, 2006
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Hats off to our friend Mat Pridham for inspiring this darkened variant of Glass Beads 2006.

I really, really like your Glass Beads 2006 – Aqua-Graphite Rendition and wondered if I might use your original 3D file (3d editable) to create myself a version that would better match my current color theme?

Sharing is what this site is all about :^)

Mat did a nice job of rendering his vision of the scene, check it out in the comments section! My personal variant can be grabbed below. And if anyone else is interested in playing with the original Bryce 4 file, here’s the download.

Glass Beads Dark Aqua Graphite

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  1. Rampant1
         November 13, 2006

    As promised above, here’s the variant rendered by Mat Pridham.

    Glass Beads Dark by Mat Pridham


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