aiDesk Tangerine

by Scott Chitwood • Friday October 13th, 2006
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Here’s a little something Aqua Inspired hacked together in Adobe Illustrator with a citrus twist to brighten your day and a variant that has a bit ‘o fun with a hippiesque Mac OS X.

aiDesk Tangerine

1024×768 1280×1024 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050 1920×1200

aiDesk Tangerine X

1024×768 1280×1024 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050 1920×1200


  1. Dan
         October 30, 2006

    how’d you do this in Adobe Illustrator?

  2. Rampant1
         October 30, 2006

    Great question Dan :^)

    It’s really just a matter of finding the right color for a gradient, then applying it in various directions for each of the shapes and adding some transparency along with a little layer blending. The text has a warp applied to it via the Effects menu with the texture, drop shadow and other elements added as a Graphic Style.

    Here’s the original Illustrator file, feel free to mess with it and see how it works. Screenshots of the Transparency and Appearance palettes are posted below.

    The default Graphic Style I started with went through a lot of little tweaks. My goal was to use the default as a starting point, teach myself how to mess it up several times for a few hours, and then hone in on where I wanted to take it.

    aiDesk Screenshot

    Color variants are easy cake, feel free to make a few and drop ’em in this thread so others can share in the fun.

    aiDesk Grape

    1024×768 1280×1024 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050 1920×1200

  3. Rampant1
         October 31, 2006

    One thing to add regarding the gradients…

    Once the gradient was applied to each shape I used the Gradient tool as a way to experiment with various angles. It’s a much quicker method than entering numbers in the palette.

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