Green Grass and High Tides

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday September 24th, 2009
Posted in Desktop Gallery, Fractal Flames

A southern rock reference for all of us oldsters in the room.  Strap on your air guitars and have at it!

Green Grass and High Tides

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Rendered in Oxidizer beta.  Post processed in Photoshop CS for colour, contrast, and soft glow.


  1. pzzadude
         September 26, 2009

    Southern Rock looks AWESOME on my laptop!!! I open it and expect to start hearing someone yelling “FREEBIRD”!!!

  2. Scott Chitwood
         September 28, 2009

    Oh.  My.  You just won the secret prize pack I’ve been hanging onto for the last six years!  Never thought I’d ever offload the clip-on mullet and ribbed wife beater.  Nice work pzzadude :^)

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