by MacHeadCase • Monday August 21st, 2006
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More photos from last year’s camping trip to the Parc National du Bic.

On one of our treks we went into a part of the forest where the tree trunks were very impressive, the bark and roots were all gnarled and had cool swirls and patterns in them. Here are two examples of what I saw.

I hope you like them.

Tree 1

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Tree 2

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  1. Rampant1
         August 23, 2006

    Lots of neat rugged textures in these for sure! Did you snap the pic of Tree #1 from above? It messes with my head big time — a little Wednesday afternoon vertigo :^)

  2. MacHeadCase
         August 23, 2006


    Yeah I was looking down. The bark was unbelievably tangled and I just couldn’t resist shooting it. I’m not tree-savvy so can’t tell you what kind that is either.

  3. Ross Adams
         August 24, 2006

    Great shots MHC, the longer i look at the second shot the more i expect it to come to life!!!!

  4. MacHeadCase
         August 24, 2006

    Thanks Ross! Hope you’re doing well, btw!

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