Ah, that feels better…

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday August 3rd, 2006
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I’ve had a hankering these past few weeks to drop a new skin on ye ol’ Rampant Mac — so, with a stir of the pixels along with a few tweaks of the CSS code, this colourful, expressive face was whittled together over the course of my Tuesday evening. Hope you like it! The place feels/looks quite nice after a long spell of years where the primary colours were indigo blue and dark charcoal.

If you can’t see the new stuff or if it kind of looks “Frankensteined” a few gentle hits of your browser reload button should force it all into place.

Feels Better

On top of the new graphics, I also spent some time reworking and condensing the sidebar desktops category in order to include all DPs under the primary umbrella, then toggled hierarchal mode to more readily identify the sub-categories of the Desktop Gallery.

What’s next? For starters, I’m thinking it would be nice to post something new every Monday or so (loose schedule, don’t hold the fire under me!) as I’ve started to gather a nice pile of desktops to share. Screen savers will also be part of that effort.

And, to make things really interesting and diverse at the Rampant Ranch I think it’s high time to invite some other kids to the party! The idea being that I’d like to take things up a notch by partnering with a select group of artists who are actively creating top quality desktops, icons or other GUI brick-a-brack that may fit into our little stretch of the internet dirt road.

With that in mind, our first contributing artist/author has accepted the invite. Please offer your warmest welcome to MacHeadCase! MHC has a great eye for photography of the natural world that surrounds us — it will be a genunie pleasure to have her works showcased in our galleries. Posts from MHC will hit the air very soon — make sure you stop by for the view, your desktop will thank you!


  1. MHC
         August 3, 2006

    Hello, hello Scott!

    I want to thank you for your very generous offer and I want to say just how deeply honoured I am by this invite.

    I’ll be going through my stuff shortly, will be sorting them out and hopefully by next Monday as you pointed out in your entry I can come up with one or two desktops that’ll knock your socks off! At least, that is my intention. ;)

    So see you then! Have a groovy day and thanks again! *waves*

  2. rampant1
         August 6, 2006

    Note to self… Tighten socks.

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