Oxidizer 1.5 sneak peek is now available.

by David Burnett • Sunday August 16th, 2009
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As I vaguely planned long ago, I’ve followed the last sneak peek of Oxidizer with a version supporting the variations and rendering features in the very latest version of flam3 (2.8 beta 1).

N.B. The Oxidizer 1.5.x series are designed to allow Oxidizer uses to play with the latest flam3 features.
It is not suitable for designing sheep for the Electric Sheep screen saver as it uses variations and options that ES 2.7 does not support and will not be supported until ES 2.8.

Oxidizer 1.5 change log…

Update flam3 to version 2.8 with support of the following new flam3 features…
A whopping 28 new variations.
Xform symmetery value now replaced by colour speed and animate options.
Early clipping of colour values for better antialiasing and resizing.

flam3 2.8 that are not yet supported

– ‘highlight_power’ flame element controls the white highlights in dense areas, eliminating the hue shift bug
– Apophysis chaos and solo xform/plotmode features
– <motion> tag now available for xforms…allows cyclic variation of any regular xform parameter/coef/post.

Go grab it from here.

Oh, the source for this version is not in te Sourceforge CVS repository yet,  I’m going to do a little light surgery on the code layout and CVS does not cope with that sought of change very well, so if you want the code give us shout and I’ll upload it somewhere.


— Edit, the link now should download version see the comments below.


  1. pharmagician
         August 17, 2009

    Hi Dave – I downloaded and installed and most things seem to work ok, but Ralf’s simil4 script doesn’t work for some reason. The console is showing the same kind of things that 0.5.9.x were showing but I’m just getting black blanks. Any ideas why this might be?

    Can’t wait to get the other variations going!


  2. Scott Chitwood
         August 18, 2009

    I’m going to hazard a guess at this one; gotta be related to the new genome parameters in flam3 2.8.  1.5 doesn’t seem to like it when ‘weight’ has been specified on final xforms.  I’m getting this error when using any of Ralf’s genome generating scripts or when opening files from previous versions of Oxidizer.

    1.5 render fail error message

    Maybe just a few changes to the script may do the trick.  Editing out the final xform ‘weight’ values in existing genomes does allow them to open in 1.5., the drawback to doing so is the they lose some of their beauty.

  3. pharmagician
         August 18, 2009

    Aha – thanks, Scott, I’ll try that. I also wondered whether it had something to do with “Xform symmetry value now replaced by colour speed and animate options”. Will scratch my head a bit…..

  4. David Burnett
         August 20, 2009

    Hi Guys, I’m back from a few days in the big city.

    The “no weight in final xforms” thing has been around for a while, allowing it was a bug in flam3 2.7.x series that Eric fixed back in January 2008. What appears to have changed is that somehow the code in Oxidizer that says “if I’m a final xform don’t write the weight to the XML” is not working as expected. I’ve not looked into this at all yet so I’ve no idea why.

    The “symmetry is not color_speed / animate” thing is worked around so if you load a flam3 file with xform symmetry in, its is supposed to set colour speed and animate instead. Of course there could be bugs, it’s not been extensively tested :-)

  5. pharmagician
         August 21, 2009

    Hmmm – I have no idea what I should be changing. :-(

    Any help or tips gratefully received!


  6. David Burnett
         August 22, 2009

    Hi Pharm, it’s a flam3 bug / feature, I need to check which with Eric once I’ve investigated it properly, but based on a quick examination the new version of flam3 does not like it if the ‘final xform’ is not the literally the last xform in the XML. If you run Ralf’s script and work your way through the errors then edit a genome that hasn’t got a preview by moving the xform with “final x-form” ticked to the bottom you should them be able to preview / render the genome again.


  7. pharmagician
         August 22, 2009

    Hi Dave – thanks for this – I’ll try it out and let you know what happens!

  8. pharmagician
         August 22, 2009

    Hummmm – here’s the thing: I’m running Ralf’s simil4 but not using any final transforms at all. There are no crash messages, no error messages or anything like that, so it’s obviously being read properly. Genomes are being created but each is all-black, ie there’s nothing to see. And the same script runs properly in 0.5.9.x… Very odd.

  9. David Burnett
         August 22, 2009

    Ah, well that’s a different bug :-)
    It does affect 0.5.9.x but your not likely to see it unless a Lua script creates an xform without a symmetry value.

    Anyway that bug is fixed for version 1.5.01 .

    The final xform bug is not fixed as Erik has not fixed it yet.

  10. pharmagician
         August 22, 2009

    Yes, that’s the one! Hooray, now it’s all working again :-)

    Thanks, Dave!

  11. David Burnett
         August 23, 2009

    And now, thanks to Erik, Oxidizer with the final xform error fixed in the flam3 code.

  12. Scott Chitwood
         August 24, 2009

    Thanks much for getting that tracked down Dave — we’re flying good now!

  13. Don Larson
         September 18, 2009

    Using under Snow Leopard 10.6.1, crashes when opening up and previous Oxidizer flame files.

  14. Scott Chitwood
         September 18, 2009

    We’ve heard that from another user too Don, I know Dave hasn’t upgraded to SL yet and I haven’t done so either.  See these instructions for collecting crash information and sending what you’ve got to David — the more info the better.  More info from Dave is in this forum thread.

  15. Don Larson
         September 19, 2009

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