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by David Burnett • Tuesday August 4th, 2009
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It’s Oxidizer….

Now the timeline for Oxidizer I posted for Oxidzer 0.6 is well and truly wrong, its time for a new sneak preview.

Changes for are…

  • Brand new interactive Lua Console.
  • Update flam3.
  • Up and Down buttons for xforms.
  • XForms should now consistently order from 1.
  • Xform order should start from one when deleting / adding new xforms.
  • Fix for tree selection when driven from xform table, wasn’t setting current xform.
  • Fix preview quality when not limiting the quality.

I’ll try an knock up a sensible begginers guide to the Interactive console but its Lua witha couple of specific Oxidzer function calls.

So, open the console and in the bottom window type…

print “hello world”

and the console should print

> hello world

The Oxidizer specific function calls are..

To pass genomes from oxidizer into Lua

genomes = oxidizer_api:passGenomesToLua()

To append / replace the genome created / modified in  lua


Notice that you pass the name of the Lua table holding the genome back to oxidizer, not the genome table itself.

So for a small example, starting with one genome in oxidizer…

g = oxidizer_api:passGenomesToLua()
g[1].time = 10

Will load the genome, set its time to 10 and then add the genome to the end of the existing genomes in oxidizer. Since there was only one genome in Oxidizer in the first place we’ve effectively copied it and set the copy to have a time of 10.

Okay, while I’ve been typing that up, the new version has finished uploading so have at it. It’s in the usual place.



  1. Scott Chitwood
         August 8, 2009

    Couple of questions for you Dave…

    The Lua Console launches when a script is run from the the ‘Scripts’ menu.  Is there any way to avoid that?  Doesn’t seem like it should be that way but then again I’m not a programmer.

    Not really a question on the other item; just noticed that the behavior for the checkbox in screenshot below seems to have reversed from what it was previously.

    Oxidizer Prefs

  2. David Burnett
         August 9, 2009

    Hi Scott.

    The Lua Console launches when running a script so you can see any output from a script. And you would not believe the trouble it caused, I had to write my own Text output field, the in-build Apple one is ridiculously slow.

    As for the check box, what exactly do you mean? If you have the check box ticked its supposed to limit any preview/thumbnail to a maximum quality of the value below, if your quality is lower it’ll use the quality you set, if you go above the max setting (including using zoom) it should use the max value or even adjust the quality further down if it has to take zoom into account. Is that not what you get ?

  3. Scott Chitwood
         August 9, 2009

    I think the check box works exactly as you’ve described Dave, I’ll have to play with it a little further to be sure of what I’m seeing.  What I have noticed (unless I’ve gone all wonky) is the ‘Checked’ and ‘Unchecked’ states seemed to have flopped behaviour from previous builds; i..e., that the ‘Unchecked’ state was the setting that limited preview quality.  Now it seems more proper from a users view — in that the ‘Checked’ state reflects the preference as it reads.  :^)

  4. ekdor
         October 20, 2009

    Hi Dave,
    Using this version and I’m totally loving it!


    I’m wondering if you have a list of things you are planning to do to the application that we can see?

    I know you are probably busy with other work but I have, a bug, a new feature request and a whole list of improvement requests. I assume most of them are already on your to-do list; or don’t plan to-do list. I’d hate to post the whole thing here in such a presumptuous way.

    What do you recommend I do with it? Is it too early to be posting lists of stuff I’d personally like to see happen?

    Keep up the great work.


  5. David Burnett
         October 21, 2009

    There is a thread around somewhere with what plans I had then, although I’ll probably have another round of feature requests for Oxidizer 0.7. after 0.6 has been released, hmmm I really ought to get around to that I was going to release it end of May originally.

    Feature Requests though are always welcome at any time, although changes for for the 1.5 series are definitely a back ground task.

    Bug reports are also welcome put less so :-) in the squash bugs forum or at sourceforge.


  6. ekdor
         October 21, 2009

    Hi Dave,
    Can’t wait!

    Added bugs to bug forum.

    Will check your list and user comments to weed mine down and then post there.

    Cheers,. Brook

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