Unplugged, Unfettered, Unshaven

by Scott Chitwood • Friday May 26th, 2006
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Where does the time go? My days are spilling into one another in an uncontrolled frenzy even though I’ve been unplugged from my Mac for the past ten days or so — I was so looking forward to a life of leisure and ease in my post ResExcellence semi-retirement. So it goes.. but that’s enough whining for one day. The flip side is having regained an unfettered schedule which allows for all kinds of extra fun. Woot!

On the GUI side of things I’ve got a thing or two in mind to tackle, finding a few spare hours to dedicate is all I need to get there. A pair of new links have found their way into my daily browse; Desktopcustomize and GuiKit. Both are foreign language sites that feature links to various desktops, icon and theme releases — each is well worth checking out even though there is a certain amount of overlap between the two.

As much as I’m a Mac enthusiast, that aspect of my life is far outweighed by a passion for music — more so for artists that express themselves from the heart. Neil Young, in particular, has been a longtime favourite, and the old boy is aging very well with his recent releases “Greendale”, “Prairie Wind” and “Living With War”. If you’ve yet to hear anything from LWW, load up Neil’s Garage and you can listen to the entire composition from start to finish — I did that for four straight days when it first debuted and then promptly purchased the CD as soon as it hit the stores. Be warned, LWW is politically charged, many ideas and expressions are there to be discovered, one just has to listen closely and not be put off by the incendiary “Let’s Impeach The President”. And kudos to Neil for posting both pro and con reviews of LWW. Next up on my “to buy” list is the latest from the Dixie Chicks, “Taking The Long Way” — give ’em hell ladies, country radio is sure to see a dark spot on their souls in years to come for their present day actions.

[steps off soap box]

Okay, I’m out of here — gotta get back to cracking open the pool and seeing just how nasty it is under the lid…

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