Ten Years of Rampant Mac

by Scott Chitwood • Thursday July 23rd, 2009
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Here we sit alongside that fabled stretch of internet dirt road.  Not rock, not gravel, nor tar, and heaven forbid should we ever attain the status of concrete and decorative striping to indicate our arrival in that elite club known as the Information Super Highway™.  I’ll not fret over that at all, dirt is as simple and pure as this life gets.  :^)

Party HatAh, but this just isn’t any other day in the dirt.  We’re here to celebrate and acknowledge ten fingers worth of years for this little experiment in broadcasting.  That right — one-hundred and twenty months of Rampant Mac is the reason for our gathering.  Strap on a party hat and get down with your bad self!  Time to spin the clock back just a wee bit…

Ever wonder where the rampant in Rampant Mac comes from?  The descriptive text on the Chitwood family crest reads, in part; “a lion, rampant on a field of green”.  I always liked that and it seemed a good fit when combined with Mac.  It was only later on that I found the two words linked in various fun ways when doing web searches.

  • “Another example of Ignorance running rampant. Mac OS is better than windows.”
  • “…for me it is so hard to comprehend the rampant mac bashing from the m$loth faithful.  what in the world does microsoft do to innovate or…”
  • “Since Apple has chosen not to comment on the fate of any of the anthropomorphic Mac icons, serious and silly speculation is running rampant.”

How can you not like that?

Early versions of the site were produced in Adobe PageMill 3.0 on a revision b Bondi Blue iMac G3 running MacOS 8.5.1.  Desktop pictures were created in Photoshop 4.0, Bryce 4, Corel Photo-Paint 8, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0.  ResEdit was used for creating custom icons, designing PPAT resources for use with the Appearance Control Panel, hacking PICT resources for MacOS Startup (MOSS) Screens, and hacking PICT resources for application splash screens like Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.

Ancient history for sure!  Perhaps a little self-indulgent, but that’s where my thoughts have been turning these past few months.  And while there are numerous topics I’d like to hash over on this little trip down memory lane, it’s probably better to present them as little snippets rather than unload everything in one giant post — less intimidating for me, hopefully less boring for you.  History 101 Rampant Mac style, if that isn’t too pretentious or silly.

Let’s wrap this one up with a tour of RM site graphics from long ago up through these modern times.  Some of the old graphics can only be found in ancient Read Me files, others are screenshots of well-preserved HTML documents.  ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons can be accessed by hovering over each image.  Slides include descriptive text and are labelled with most recent modified date.

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