Mod Your Dock Skin & Icons

by Scott ChitwoodMonday October 4th, 2010
Posted in Dock Skins & Mods, Snow Leopard UI Mods

Here’s another installment in our little series that explores the idea of modding our Mac OS X UI in small steps; replacing the Dock skin and default icons.

Mod Your Dock Skin & Icons

All of our target images are located within the Dock resources…


Images specific to the Dock skin are listed below.  Replacing all of the images is not required.

  • frontline.png
  • indicator_large.png
  • indicator_medium_simple.png
  • indicator_medium.png
  • indicator_small_simple.png
  • indicator_small.png
  • scurve-l.png
  • scurve-m.png
  • scurve-sm.png
  • scurve-xl.png
  • separator.png
  • separatorstraight-horizontal.png
  • separatorstraight.png
  • shadow.png

Icon images are…

  • dashboard.png
  • finder.png
  • trashempty.png
  • trashfull.png

Replacing the Dock skin images is as easy as drag and drop to overwrite the existing files — don’t forget to back up those up before you dig in.  Icon images are another method…

  • Icon images should be opened in an image editor.
  • Select All, then Clear/Delete the original image.
  • Copy and Paste a new image into the existing document.
  • Close/Save.

Easy cake my happy little UI Chefs!  One final step, launch the Terminal and use the ‘killall -KILL Dock’ command to restart the Dock to see your nifty mod work.

At the present, there happens to be a great selection of Dock skins available for download at deviantART.  LeopardDocks also has nice gallery but, as of this article date, the domain and contents are for sale so it may not be around much longer.

My screenshot features LedMetal by elpinchoDesigns.  As a personal mod I desaturated the indicators in Photoshop to change them from blue to grey.

Disclaimer: Apply this UI mod at your own risk, Rampant Mac not responsible for damage/loss.

Inset Dark Dockling Skin by ~theBassment

by Scott ChitwoodThursday August 26th, 2010
Posted in Dock Skins & Mods, Snow Leopard UI Mods

Here’s a nice little UI mod that you’ll find easy on the eyes.  Install is simple and offers up a good learning experience for getting familiar with system files.  Let’s download our working components and dig into the little beastie.

inset dark dockling skin

One more thing along the way — let’s back up our destination files.  For the Dock we’ll want to save a copy of it’s ‘Resources’ folder located with the ‘Contents’ directory.  The ‘sArtFile.bin’ is located in the ‘Resoures’ directory within the ‘CoreUI.framework’.  Use the ‘Go to Folder…’ command in the Finder for navigating to both locations.


  1. Run the Inset 1.02 installer.  Essentially you could finish up here, but (from my personal perspective) the docklings are a little too transparent.  This can make list items difficult to read when they appear over open windows/documents or overlay some desktop wallpaper images.
  2. The image files included with Inset: Dark remedy the transparency issue noted above.  Files for the ‘Dock’ can be copied directly into the ‘Resources’ folder.  We’ll need to fire up Theme Park to replace image files located within the ‘sArtFile.bin’.
  3. When Themepark is launches hit the ‘Edit sArtFile’ button, then locate specific image numbers as they are listed within the ‘Inset: Dark’ files.  Select an image with Themepark and it loads into an image well.  Now drag the corresponding image file from ‘Inset: Dark’ into the image well.  Easy cake amigo.
  4. When you’re done switching images do a ‘Command-S’ to save the updated file, hit the ‘Apply Theme’ button, and Quit out.
  5. Reboot your Mac.  Enjoy your new docklings and do the Happy Dance™ in celebration of newly acquired knowledge.  :^)

Disclaimer: Apply this UI mod at your own risk, Rampant Mac not responsible for damage/loss.