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by David BurnettWednesday March 5th, 2008
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After a couple of week away from work where Oxidizer got a fair bit of work, the last week and a half has been a bit of a down turn in productivity :-)

So since the last time…

  • I’ve finished the drawing code for the Transformation editor (trimming of polygons eeek)
  • Added the rest of the interface and made it resize correctly
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Added a couple of ‘Don’t do that, it’s stupid!’ dialogues.
  • Added a reference to Rampant Mac to the ‘About Oxidizer’ dialogue.

So this is what the transformation editor looks like now…

Transformation Editor

BTW some where over on  the right of the page, Scott has come up with a tasty little Oxidizer badge if you feel like spreading the word :0)


Oxidizer Desktops & More at Twelfth Night

by Scott ChitwoodTuesday February 5th, 2008
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If you haven’t noticed (and just where the heck have you been?) our good friend ralf has quickly donned the Oxidizer professor’s cap and is sharing his knowledge in a variety of ways with us here at ye ole Ranch™. It’s only right that we point you in the direction of his own little patch of the internet dirt road, and with a nifty site name like twelfth night we’d be intrigued regardless!

A quad set of 1920×1200 desktops is up for grabs at twelfth night and they are quite the dandy bunch indeed. Ralf has certainly discovered the secret of unlocking cosmically cool organic based flames, check ’em out!

twelfth night desktops

Don’t make that your only stop at twelfth night. Make sure you grab a copy of ralf’s PDF tutorial that details how to achieve better depth of field and sharpness in your Oxidizer compositions (look in the sidebar). Also, don’t forget to spin through the galleries to view the rest of his collection!

Let’s wrap this up with a link to ralf’s Tweaker Lua Script. Need info on what it does? Have a look at item #2 in this comments thread.

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