64 Bit Redux

by David BurnettSunday September 26th, 2010
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So, anyone want to try a proper full 64 bit version of Oxidizer ?

Well if you do today is your lucky day, well maybe.
I’ve just uploaded Oxidizer 0.7.5 alpha (bit of a mouthful) and it should be fully 64 bit for those lucky Snow Leopard Users with 64 bit capable Macs.
Of course as always I haven’t got a 64 bit Mac so it might not work at all for all I know. It’s a universal app so we 32 bit users can join in the fun
too as there’s a fair chance that I’ve broken something for us too somewhere. All this is a subtle hint that you should not use this for anything you
do not want to lose.

There are one or two changes you should know about. This will turn into a rant BTW so take a deep breath before continuing. The short version, assuming Oxidizer starts up at all on anyone else’s Mac, is that the things that I may have broken are Saving Movies, Saving Images and Lua scripting.

In order to code a 64 bit version I’ve basically had to strip out all the old quicktime code and replace it with newer more up to date API’s. Now this is one of the major reasons its took so long so bring a new version out, the other being that rewriting working code is really not very inspiring especially when you are doing it to support a platform you can’t actually test against. Apple depreciated huge hunks Quicktime in Leopard and actually removed them for Snow Leopard. The trouble is they didn’t fully replace all those removed bits in the new API’s. One big thing that Apple broke was required for displaying the Quicktime setting dialogs before creating a movie. Apple’s official work around – use a 32 bit background process to display the dialog and pass the settings back. Absolute rubbish. Of course you either do that or write your own settings dialogs for very codec or show your dialog at the end of the render, so Oxidizer now launches a 32 bit background process just to show a dialog.

The next thing have Apple obsoleted was using Quicktime for saving images. That I was mostly happy about as the Quicktime API for images was really rubbish, way to low level and frankly a pain in the neck. The new API is vastly better, but the settings you guys get to set in the settings dialogs are vastly dumbed down and I’m sure some of you won’t like it. The good news is that the new API has some really fun features that I can use in later versions, when I officially depreciate Tiger (where as now I just try not to break it).

Finally, I’ve had to hack the Lua bridge to create a mix of the Apple version and the GNU-step version to support compilation against Snow Leopards libraries, again due to Apple obsoleting stuff. Luckily it was stuff that the GNU-step project didn’t have so the code was mostly there to deal with the missing functions all I had to do was enable the GNU code while keeping the Cocoa version limitations.


Oxidizer redux

by David BurnettTuesday February 9th, 2010
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Just a note to mention Oxidizer is now an official release.
No changes from the sneak peak version, but if you you want to grab a copy to boost the download figures download it from here :-)

Electric Sheep Survey

by David BurnettWednesday February 4th, 2009
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Spot is running a survey on the future of the Electric Sheep screen saver.


Those of you that run ES should nip other there a spend a minute or to giving your views.

For those scratching their heads Electric Sheep is a screen saver that displays fractal flame animations and is the original reason Oxidizer exists. I wanted to render stills from some of those flames for myself..


Oxidizer 0.5.5

by David BurnettTuesday October 28th, 2008
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Hi folks.

I’ve just unleashed Oxidizer 0.5.5 on the general public.

Apart from the version number there’s no difference between the last sneak release and this version.


Half a page of scribbled lines…

by David BurnettTuesday September 30th, 2008
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Well I’ve finally released a new version on planetGenesis so it’s time to start looking ahead to Oxidizer 0.6 . So pop over to the Oxidizer 0.6 post and have your say.

Continued →

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Oxidizer 0.6

by David BurnettSunday June 1st, 2008
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As Oxidzer 0.5 slowly crawls towards release its time to plan 0.6 so I though I’d let you guys to throw your hats in to the ring.

Here’s the ideas that I have in the pot, either my own, or ideas that people have suggested.

Take these as given…

  • Update flam3 to the latest version .
  • Update LuaObjCBridge if I see any advantage in doing so.

So the proper idea’s are in no particular order…

  • Save / Load of sparse gradients.
  • Double Click and Drag and Drop loading of flam3 files.
  • A browser for the auto backups.
  • Auto-previews for changes to all parameters like the Transformation editor
  • Keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-L (or similar) for Lua Script.
  • A genome pin board to keep genomes around on possibly persistent between sessions.
  • An additional “#” column in the main list that gives the index of a flame
  • Ditto in the transform editor, a column with numbers to identify the flames
  • A “clear” button in the Breeder in addition to the load/+/- buttons, or multi-select genome ability.
  • Check auto-post
  • A script library/launcher integrated with the Main Oxidizer window.
  • A Lua script console, to see the output of scripts.
  • A reorganization of the XForms window to put the affine and post coefficients under the same tab.
  • Persist the current set of flames across Oxidizer sessions.
  • Allow the preview image size to be altered, hovering over the image well shows the bigger preview.

And the real blue sky one…

  • Multi-preview – choose a parameter, set max and min and render a number of previews with that parameter set between max and min

So, over to you, which of these do you think would be is there anything else you can think of.


p.s. I’ll know if you’re hyping your own ideas :-)

New Desktops and Animation at twelfth night

by Scott ChitwoodMonday April 21st, 2008
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A fabulous set of nine 1920×1200 desktops has hit the download page at twelfth night, and with fun names like “nebulosity”, “rift”, and “schoepfung” you just can’t go wrong by adding these pieces to your collection.

Topping off the cake is an amazing animation that is sure to blow the socks clean off of your feet. Nicely done ralf!

twelfth night desktops

So about that sneak preview…

by David BurnettSaturday April 5th, 2008
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I’ve just uploaded it to the Oxidizer website.

EDIT: 26/04/2008 I’ve now uploaded another new version.

It has the Transformation Editor and a new Gradient Editor and now gives an ETA for the render. Like all ETA’s it starts off a little dodgy but unlike Microsoft ETA’s it actually gets more accurate as it goes on.

Now remember it’s a early release, I’ve not tried to run it under Tiger or on PPC at all. Expect bugs and crashes, remember to save anything you like :-)

Any polite criticisms and suggestions are welcome.