Scripting Fractals for Oxidizer

by ralfSunday November 16th, 2008
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This tutorial introduces Lua scripting for Oxidizer (>0.5.5), along with some hopefully useful (but not strictly required) peripherals. This text is intended for absolute beginners with no prior experience with Lua scripting, Xcode or the Terminal command line, although a modicum of familiarity with Oxidizer is assumed.

Oxidizer is a Mac OS X (10.4-10.5) software for generating fractal images and animations. From version 0.4, Lua scripting was added to Oxidizer. Two principal benefits of scripting are:

  1. Efficiency. Scripting can immensely simplify mechanical and repetitive tasks, like e.g. changing a genome parameter value sinusoidally over 200 frames for an animation. Or if you have a standard image/rendering setting that you often use, you can program it into a script instead of changing many parameters every time you want that setting.
  2. Capability. Did you know that Oxidizer has a color map rotator? A similarity-transform genome randomizer? Or a beat-syncing sequencer? Well with scripting it does.

Scripting is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful new meta-features of Oxidizer, because it is an enabling technology. It opens up possibilities for the user to be creative and invent tricks and methods the developer might not have thought of, or which would be too much work to program into Oxidizer as standard features.

Download tutorial. Includes PDF document, example scripts, genomes, and animations.

Oxidizer 0.5.5

by David BurnettTuesday October 28th, 2008
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Hi folks.

I’ve just unleashed Oxidizer 0.5.5 on the general public.

Apart from the version number there’s no difference between the last sneak release and this version.



by David BurnettTuesday October 14th, 2008
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As I’ve fixed a few bugs, I’ve decided to release a 0.5.5 version, That means you get to play with a new sneak preview.

The bugs I’ve fixed are….

  • Image save dialog maintains previous settings.
  • Changing the height now updates the width again when the aspect is locked.
  • Conistant labels for co-effs
  • xform window now titled Transformations.
  • Drag and drop from main window to Gene Pool would render a full render for the thumbnail rather
    than a preview.
  • Allow drag and drop from Breeder Result Image Well to Gene Pool.
    Having no comment would crash conversion of genome to Lua format for scripts.

Since I’d also started development for 0.6 you get to play with a couple of new features too.

  • Auto-preview extended to all windows, although there are still a few controls that have not been adjusted to use it.
  • Auto-preview setting persistent between sessions, can be set in preferences.
  • Render Movie as Stills now has jpeg, with quality setting, and 16 bit png options.
  • Preview/Thumbnail Render preferences, allowing you to set the size of the longest dimension of the preview and limit the quality.
  • Bigger preview image wells
  • A few parameters now have sliders.
  • Window size / positions are persistent between sessions.

It should be available now from SourceForge as usual for a sneak preview expect bugs and report them if you find them.


Half a page of scribbled lines…

by David BurnettTuesday September 30th, 2008
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Well I’ve finally released a new version on planetGenesis so it’s time to start looking ahead to Oxidizer 0.6 . So pop over to the Oxidizer 0.6 post and have your say.

Continued →

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Go get it…

by David BurnettMonday July 14th, 2008
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Okay, its a day late due to a bit of laziness on my part but Oxidizer 0.5.2, hit Sourceforge about 90 seconds ago.

 Download here.

The main changes are…

Transformation window, the Oxidizer equivalent to Apo’s Triangle Editor.
New Gradient Editor.
Rendering can now by Cancelled
Added Rendering ETA’s to the progress Window.
Backing up the Genomes to ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer is now optional.
Added a 1:1 aspect to the drop down window.
Reduced memory usage.
Faster loading of flam3 xml files, especially noticeable for flam3 files with dozens of Genomes.
Fix crashes on Save, when saving a file for the seconded time.
GUI now resizable.
flam3 code updated to version 2.7.11

And yes there hass been the odd fix or two since the last sneak release in case you were wondering.


Oxidizer 0.6

by David BurnettSunday June 1st, 2008
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As Oxidzer 0.5 slowly crawls towards release its time to plan 0.6 so I though I’d let you guys to throw your hats in to the ring.

Here’s the ideas that I have in the pot, either my own, or ideas that people have suggested.

Take these as given…

  • Update flam3 to the latest version .
  • Update LuaObjCBridge if I see any advantage in doing so.

So the proper idea’s are in no particular order…

  • Save / Load of sparse gradients.
  • Double Click and Drag and Drop loading of flam3 files.
  • A browser for the auto backups.
  • Auto-previews for changes to all parameters like the Transformation editor
  • Keyboard shortcut shift-cmd-L (or similar) for Lua Script.
  • A genome pin board to keep genomes around on possibly persistent between sessions.
  • An additional “#” column in the main list that gives the index of a flame
  • Ditto in the transform editor, a column with numbers to identify the flames
  • A “clear” button in the Breeder in addition to the load/+/- buttons, or multi-select genome ability.
  • Check auto-post
  • A script library/launcher integrated with the Main Oxidizer window.
  • A Lua script console, to see the output of scripts.
  • A reorganization of the XForms window to put the affine and post coefficients under the same tab.
  • Persist the current set of flames across Oxidizer sessions.
  • Allow the preview image size to be altered, hovering over the image well shows the bigger preview.

And the real blue sky one…

  • Multi-preview – choose a parameter, set max and min and render a number of previews with that parameter set between max and min

So, over to you, which of these do you think would be is there anything else you can think of.


p.s. I’ll know if you’re hyping your own ideas :-)

New Desktops and Animation at twelfth night

by Scott ChitwoodMonday April 21st, 2008
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A fabulous set of nine 1920×1200 desktops has hit the download page at twelfth night, and with fun names like “nebulosity”, “rift”, and “schoepfung” you just can’t go wrong by adding these pieces to your collection.

Topping off the cake is an amazing animation that is sure to blow the socks clean off of your feet. Nicely done ralf!

twelfth night desktops

So about that sneak preview…

by David BurnettSaturday April 5th, 2008
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I’ve just uploaded it to the Oxidizer website.

EDIT: 26/04/2008 I’ve now uploaded another new version.

It has the Transformation Editor and a new Gradient Editor and now gives an ETA for the render. Like all ETA’s it starts off a little dodgy but unlike Microsoft ETA’s it actually gets more accurate as it goes on.

Now remember it’s a early release, I’ve not tried to run it under Tiger or on PPC at all. Expect bugs and crashes, remember to save anything you like :-)

Any polite criticisms and suggestions are welcome.