Console yourself with this…

by David BurnettTuesday August 4th, 2009
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It’s Oxidizer….

Now the timeline for Oxidizer I posted for Oxidzer 0.6 is well and truly wrong, its time for a new sneak preview.

Changes for are…

  • Brand new interactive Lua Console.
  • Update flam3.
  • Up and Down buttons for xforms.
  • XForms should now consistently order from 1.
  • Xform order should start from one when deleting / adding new xforms.
  • Fix for tree selection when driven from xform table, wasn’t setting current xform.
  • Fix preview quality when not limiting the quality.

I’ll try an knock up a sensible begginers guide to the Interactive console but its Lua witha couple of specific Oxidzer function calls.

So, open the console and in the bottom window type…

print “hello world”

and the console should print

> hello world

The Oxidizer specific function calls are..

To pass genomes from oxidizer into Lua

genomes = oxidizer_api:passGenomesToLua()

To append / replace the genome created / modified in  lua


Notice that you pass the name of the Lua table holding the genome back to oxidizer, not the genome table itself.

So for a small example, starting with one genome in oxidizer…

g = oxidizer_api:passGenomesToLua()
g[1].time = 10

Will load the genome, set its time to 10 and then add the genome to the end of the existing genomes in oxidizer. Since there was only one genome in Oxidizer in the first place we’ve effectively copied it and set the copy to have a time of 10.

Okay, while I’ve been typing that up, the new version has finished uploading so have at it. It’s in the usual place.


The Road to Oxidizer 2.0

by David BurnettFriday April 24th, 2009
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What, 2.0, hold on version 1.0 isn’t out yet…

Continued →

Get Your Wiki On!

by Scott ChitwoodTuesday April 14th, 2009
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We’ll keep this short and sweet amigos; our swanky new Oxidizer Wiki is officially up and running.  w00t, w00t daddy-o!

A huge shout of gratitude goes out to our good friend and Wikimaster, Ralf Flicker, who has helped guide us along in this new effort.  Be sure to check out his animation articles, Part I and Part II, an exploration of Julia Fractals, and a primer on Using Scripts.  Many thanks Ralf, nicely done!

David Burnett, the guy who gave us Oxidizer and thus hooked us with its addictive works, also chimes in with a few words (and more to come) to help us along the road to our fractal visions, and ye ole webmaster even managed to squeeze off an updated introduction article for the big O™.

The purpose of the OxiWiki is give us a common repository for sharing our Oxidizer explorations and develop those into the documentation craved by both new users and seasoned veterans.  The format makes it easy to present new articles and update existing ones as new features are released.

Enough words, now hop on over the wiki and feel free to give us a shout back with your critique and ideas.

Electric Sheep 2.7 Beta for Mac

by David BurnettFriday March 20th, 2009
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At long last there’s a Mac version for the new Electric Sheep 2.7 beta client.

Here’s a link to the announcement


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So yeah, like no but yeah…

by David BurnettMonday March 2nd, 2009
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So there’s like a new sneak preview available.

New features this time include…

  • A script library.
  • A random gradient button.
  • More QuickView options for the gradient editor, including hue rotation, random gradients and improved palette rotation.
  • Drag and Drop appending of flam3 files onto the genome list views.

This version is number and you can get it here.


Electric Sheep Survey

by David BurnettWednesday February 4th, 2009
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Spot is running a survey on the future of the Electric Sheep screen saver.

Those of you that run ES should nip other there a spend a minute or to giving your views.

For those scratching their heads Electric Sheep is a screen saver that displays fractal flame animations and is the original reason Oxidizer exists. I wanted to render stills from some of those flames for myself..


It’s about time….

by David BurnettTuesday January 27th, 2009
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… I let you play with a new toy, so it’s sneak preview time again.

I’ve just uploaded Oxidizer  to my oxidizer webspace, so go get it there

For those new to the sneak preview process, a sneak preview is an unofficial release of Oxidizer exclusive to any one that reads rampant-mac. It’s sole purpose is for me to get feedback on  new features before I unleash them on the unsuspecting public. It also gives me the chance to release versions that might have major issues in them like features not working on Tiger for example, or just not working full stop :-) .

So, what’s new….

  • The main new feature is QuickView which renders thumbnails for range of values for a particular parameter. To use it press one of those strange buttons with a Q on it.
  • This version of Oxidizer is mostly localized for the French. To use switch your Mac to French :-)
  • There’s a new menu option to re-run the last Lua script used.

Known issues…

  • Some of the default values are pretty useless.
  • It does not take into account that some parameters are integers.
  • The odd parameter that could have QuickView applied does not.
  • QuickView is a naff name, so the QuickView window title is still “Window”.
  • New Bits mean the French localization is incomplete.

Any issues let me know below, or in the Squish Bugs forum where there’s a nice post on how to make useful bug reports.


A quick view of things to come

by David BurnettTuesday December 23rd, 2008
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I’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks so I thought an update was in order.

I’ve started work on the first of the new Oxidzer 0.6 features (the old 0.6 features being the new 0.5.5 features :0) called, for the moment, Quick View or maybe Range View.

It looks like this, its a 0.5Mb jpeg so I though I’d link it instead of inlining it.

Basically it generates a range of thumbnails with a particular value spread over a range, it this case the colour setting of one of the transformations. Clicking on one of the thumbnails changes the value in the editor.

I’ve also started on adding a french translation provided by our very own Capitaine Haddock, quite topical as I’ve just come back from a long weekend in France. I’d made enough changes to Oxidizer (i.e. one or two) to stop the translation going in without issues so it’s a little bit harder work than it could have been but at least I’m just copy and pasting, Guillaume had to translate it all :-)

Finally as the year is coming to an end I’d just like to say cheers to everyone who have contributed to Oxidizer and Rampant Mac. From those that have used Oxidizer to create the fantastic images I see here and and other web sites, contributed bug reports, code and nib changes or ideas for Oxi to those though have simply commented here or spread the word elsewhere. Thanks folks.